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by Consensus

(Consensus) How many days does it take to unveil the unavailable. A model with standards so unobtainable, I took the universe and wrote it in equation form. A project now known for the web like Jason Bourne. Uncertainty by Heisenberg, Its either follow my movement or just find me first. For decades I stuck around, Das Experiment, kein movie, Und ja genau, here's the stuff we found. (Dr Koul) So you use past knowledge for future experiments, But what about the Power of Now? The atom bomb used by world powers And by so-called terrorists, Does science have morals at all? I’m into using breath work to transcend Thought with less effort than to jump-start the CERN Hadron. You put in energy to run the machines, I just read Krishnamurti and shock the world With ten thousand Allan Watts! (Consensus) My data collection could outsmart Google search. Selecting events like part time steward work. I'm Dexter Morgen with the background checks. And that's a certain as Schrodinger with his cat found dead. Chorus: There's a method to my madness, There's a method to my madness, There's a method to my madness, it's kind of strange. I'm not mad it's just a type of saying. See there's a method to my madness, Who's mad? There's a method to my madness, That madness. I ain't mad just kind of strange. Don't listen to him that guys insane. ……... (Consensus) Collaborate, and calibrate the resolution, The matching mad for validating the solution. As the electromagnet attracts me in. I catch images, ant thinking like Hank Pym. (Dr Koul) Well if Democritus thought up the atom in Ancient Greece, And scientists followed-up research on this belief, And if an atom is the smallest building block of matter, Then why do we have names for what builds up an atom? (Consensus) No matter how many times i try and explain it you don't get it, I scrap the background like a photo bomb edit. Interpreted each message like teaching the world, but no Ted Talks, the results speak for themselves. (Dr Koul) And what of the discoveries of Fritjof Capra? Do we already have all the knowledge in the Bagavad Gita? Is it not all devised in the advice of Siddhartha? Are we in a continuous cycle from enlightenment to larva? (Consensus) I detect more than when Poirot looks at strangers. Selecting events like Kanye's booking agent. I'm Mr Robot with the background check, And that's more certain as Walter White with a hat round his head. Chorus
Verse 1 Consensus I am the universe, the first view a person found, The same in all directions and similar throughout, Every time I grow its to re-scale the amount, You can tell I’m ready to shift right now. It was all Hubble bubble inflating my own space, Until my expansion rate became a matter of state. The critical point reached from the action he takes, The Friedman told me it ends one of 3 ways I am the universe, relative space and time, The only part they ever see is in the face of light. What should I make of life, When only 5% of what I am is clear to the naked eye. Why? Behind the body a great mind, that shaped the size, shadow of the masked actor aka dark matter. Asking why dark matters, it was a large factor in data that graphs gathered to see how the stars scattered. Hold me together in ways that you can’t fathom, way passed atoms, the unknown makeup of a brain path patterns, the invisible state that held so much weight in every changed task to happen. I am the universe and all it’s meant to be, Dipped in a sea of soul as dark energy 15% of everything you think matters is what you see, My mind undefined underneath. (Chorus) Dana McKeon Oh I’m the dust from shooting stars, oh..I can light up the galaxy, But there’s something more to explore, further than the eye can see. Oh I’m the dust from shooting stars, oh..I can light up the galaxy, But there’s something more to explore, further than the eye can see. Verse 2 Consensus I am a galaxy; we are the universe, A scale for the masses applied to a different word They used to study me and observe, And even though go he got it wrong Jan saw me for who I was first. Zwicky watched how I behaved in a group, And showed exactly what our thoughts could make us all do. He looked who gravitated to whom, In spite of where the largest and brightest of stars were in the room. Light bending, the weight of his intention Changed his facial expression, gravitational lensing. Because things are clearer when your distance from the situation, and Vera saw I had an angle I’d been rotating. A dark halo and flattern by what inside, Because what goes around comes around flying. I what’s embodied that caught natural light, my thoughts are the dark matters behind. (Chorus) Dana McKeon Verse 3 Consensus I am the universe the entire whole, The mind and the body that evolved. What is seen in affect of what’s seen and what’s not yet known. The weight of the situation now told. I am the light and the darkness combined And so much more that we can’t see because we’re blind. I’m what’s embodied that caught natural light, My thoughts are the dark matters behind.
Antimatter 03:49
Verse 1 I see some for them moving anti, opposite sides they're taking, I'm pro but their try to face me like Mirror, opposite side, adjacent I'm stable inside they're strange But somehow the masses describe us the same, Just opposite sides of the positive vibes You just lost your life to a signed arrangement. Watch for the signs in life's equation, Unless you go for the violation, It's best you don't, if get too close It will end in total annihilation. That's when things brake right down to the bare bones. If you're anti neutral or anti pro, Then it's up the ante like Brownsville shows. Then it's up the ante and down they'll go. If the strongest force you to get involved It could be one on one for 3 rounds or so.... I'm even surprised they show up. They wanna say opposites attract. I say they collide and blow up Chorus I say they collide and blow up! I say they collide and blow up! They wanna say opposites attract. I say they collide and blow up! It won't matter why they show up, They'll never be more than we can be. They'll never outlast us after the blast, So why are they still moving anti. Verse 2 I see some of them moving anti, Like they're against what we're trying to be. They claim to have positive reach But from origin probably not a lot's seems Though the masses say they're like me, I'm in charge of the larger opposing team Like if you're in our sights and not on our side, That's loss of your life to a signed arrangement. Watch when you try those violation, We've got it like light in hibernation, Get too close, I expect u wont, It will end in total annihilation. With only the energy left to escape. If I ever see your momentum change, You'll be Glowing brighter than effigy flames You'll get charged and leapt on in a way That's bound for da bound bound for reload Like Neutrino when he leapt on stage. You charged like electrons changing state So I'm even surprised they show up. They wanna say opposites attract. I say they collide and blow up Chorus Verse 3 Me and my possy are strong, That it won't matter who you elect I am due the respect. Abundantly brilliant, One in a billion, usually less. And since only a few represent, In truth you have not got a clue where we went, But it as clear as Crystal structures in silicon What they do to detect us. A beauty wrapped up in a spin like using roulette But that's only the half of it, Because regarding the evidence, whatever they charge me with, I oppose what the answer is. But far from a pro, I'm in my own class of things, If you see through the glass and mist I'm the reason the path exist, In Mr Anderson' s clouded chamber. The one root they doubted, Made by the proof that the matrix found on paper. Big bang was the sound that made us, But something from the outset changed us. You think slowing us down might shape us, Forming the coldest group, So cold that we're way passed frozen dude, Now my chosen few are opposing you What if our way's better than yours, Would we get an applause, would you settle the score. We're just so much better than yours, When they're measuring forms and they get rid of quarks. That's beauty that never keeps form, But will still be all that we can be. Because no matter how many last after the blast, You're right were still moving anti. That's right we're still moving anti! That's right we're still moving anti! And I'm even surprised they show up! They want to say opposites attract I say the collide and blow up! Chorus
See I'm just tryna get going, but there's scientists in my way. I don't know why it's so slow, but science gets in my way, Every time I get going, there's scientist in my way. I don't know why they're so slow, but science gets in my way, Now he's in my way, In my way, he's In my way, In my way, Now he's in my way, In my way, In my way oh. A lie cuz your science game's pseudo, throwing big words like judo. Trying to find a way, you ain't got a cludo, My brain's overweight like sumos, Trying to ride my wave, that I travel on, Mi can't weight like gravitons Party full particles though, I'll be dancing in my subatomic party clothes yo See I'm just tryna get going, but there's scientists in my way. I don't know why it's so slow, but science gets in my way, Every time I get going, there's scientist in my way. I don't know why they're so slow, but science gets in my way, Now he's in my way, In my way, he's In my way, In my way, Now he's in my way, In my way, In my way oh.
Verse 1 Consensus She was more than a standard model, but at first, It took a close look to know her true worth. More than just theories to observe, And the simple matter of seeing passed her quirks. Some say quarks, or quarks but the way that I talk, Let's not get caught up on words. Never directly observed on their own, Confinement allowed her true colours show. Anything forceful could pull at her heart, But when it came to it she'd still take charge. She was down for the cause and up for a laugh. But after you get passed her strange sort of charm. That's after get passed how her top half's huge, And her beautiful bottom, because they might not last. It never works to single out quirks, If you take them in turns, then that's only the half. (Chorus) Dana Mckeon Is it wrong or is it right When I give my space and time All the pieces come alive It's something beautiful Linking up and staying strong Modelling the way I know All these pieces make me whole It's something beautiful Verse 2 Consensus She was more than a standard model, and inside, Her features were nothing colours could define, But even having the will to combine, She had felt no strong interaction at times. So many things she held deep with within, Would leave your head half spinning afterwards like. How could she deal with such negative matters, But still remain neutral after what happened . Because every generation in her roots, Had a taste of exactly what she went through. So by the third stage, any matters would soon fade away Even though they were massively huge. Even though those matters were huge they wouldn't last, Stability's who you elect to take charge. Having support creates so much more, When she lepton form they were ready to start. (Chorus) Dana Mckeon Verse 3 Consensus She was more than a standard model, Because she held together even at her weakest, She was more than standard model, To shed light on deepest and darkest secrets, She was more than a standard model, Inner strength, she knew how to pull her own weight. So no matter the field she had chosen to build in Her motto was ride the wave. She walks with a force inside that could travel any distance, Some that change matters in an instance, All basic attractions, but also extravagantly different. The energy part for two hearts that Marry excite what they were carrying within them. So much she cared to spare or absorb, Is why we interact and share the same force. (chorus x2) Dana Mckeon
Higgs 04:04
Verse 1 Skip the mollaces, I can make u big for the masses. People call me Higgs cos I'm massive. Were interacting, because that's what I feel to do If you're not in my field of view I didn't make it happen. I run the whole space in this, Most have potentially got what it takes in this, Just put in work you'll getting to the next phase in this. When the crowd gets excited they're going to want to rearrange, but they might break some ish. You hold no weight in this, just some light word, If you’re weak and you want to put like work, I've determined those numbers don't make any sense on my terms. You’ve got angles you try and turn, when your eye swerves, But the right curve is just half of that. It's just not the same that ends up in my firm Then there's couple in my firm, that just might hurt your sombrero, Cos they're looking to knock of the top like they're targeting Shots with a bow and the arrow. But you're weak, and your life isn't long, So i'm looking to vacuum whatever you've got, And the value of want i'm expecting is not to be zero. (Chorus) I can make you big, I can make you big. Want to reach the masses? Then you need to talk to Higgs. Others claim they did, but I'm the missing link. I can make you big, I can make you big. Want to reach the masses? Then you need to talk to Higgs. Others claim they did, but I'm the missing link. Know that fundamentally you're messing with the Higgs. Verse 2 It's like they wonder how I got this way, Energy that's all up in your space with the condensate. If you're talking numbers there's nothing I cannot replace. Gauge when I interact. This place I'm everywhere tell them where Higgs is at. Hope you can live with that. I take your imagery and break up the symmetry, yeah i make mirrors crack. I'm not a god, but let me break it down like this, I'm practically the reason you exist. Boss it like the Higgs, and mosh it like the boson! Boson! Won't turn on the light, photon! Photon! But that's the speed I like, treat them like the LHC, Smash them up collide. Proton! Proton. Massive like goliath! So strong, it goes on! Excitement you can never get a hold of! Hold On. My field of work means You're impossible to miss, I'm practically the reason you exist. Chorus
CMS 04:15
Verse 1 You don't know about CMS, When I've got the machine it's madness You can think of the ting like magnets Because mine makes me more attractive Like facial detection with a hundred mega-pixel screen Don't come to me with pipe dreams I leave you 100 meters deep When I'm on that CMS, you can always catch their reaction, I'm not talking GPS when I say knock them off the Atlas. Man thought Pokemon go, because I spin them before catch them. I run tings like flash, But it's no lights, just camera and action (chorus) I got that CMS, They ain't got CMS The heck's CMS Everything' CMS Send like SMS If they try that ting, we'll see the less Everything's CMS Everything's CMS Verse 2 Everything's CMS if memory says just cache that. Like pics with Instagram hashtags The rest will disappear like Snapchat's Because most of the filters hide those calories like it's fun. Don't think it only needs one They're heavy like 14,000 tonnes One thing about CMS you can tell that thing cost paper. Tell man don't send, If a man try send he'll run out of data. Millions per sec with tech n light speed out of the chamber. No means to escape Jail break ting you're catching a case bruv Like back off, I'm that gone Then switch up its back on, Or Hulk and get smash on Hold on yeah baby hold tight. I'll Uber that manoeuvre we'll be going for a ride. What do you mean it ain't? Unless they up that speed again, It'll be the same... You best go check that screen again. Hold on that's that image you'll like, just picture it like tinder everything is alright. (chorus) (Mick Storr Rap)
May Concern 04:53
May Concern pt 1 Verse 1 You ever tried to explain something you knew that people couldn't see? What good is write, when you don't understand the books you read, That's what I used to be concerned with I guess I'm like CERN a bit...how could I be? Cos in reality, that's not the gravity. I never grew from a huge nuclear family. But Charlie bucket and the subatomic factory; I always say I'm smashing if they ask me, "what the matter be?" Just to help you understand, I was literally picturing the big bang theory, no Sheldon and the gang. When the world devise plan For a model of such stands of beauty, how I truly not held her the hand? In my world it's what you know or what you're shown, Or live that Schrödinger and tell um both. They ask how I know and what it is. I call it Harry Potter and the science of the Higgs. (Chorus) So to who it may concern I see things a bit differently. Not everything I'm trying to show you is literally If it's something where my brain is I might struggle to explain it And we can either see my world, or yours So here's my world...What's yours? If it's something where my brain is I might struggle to explain it Verse 2 They're trying to tell me that science is to rap, like dance is for violence, but art is to science, like guidance is for maps, like laughter's for crying, like hearts is to diamonds, they can't interact unless they pass the requirements. Opposites attract when you start to collide them. But start collide them your mind will blow The large hadron kaleidoscope My rhyme is like if Einstein wrote bars for jokes. This is the Salvador Dali science approach. But since it matters let me up the ante, A hint matter anti-matter with a touch of Banksy. A wonderland fit for Alice but still nothing fancy And I grew up with the sort lessons, From that 'Wu is for the children' message, blessings I'd rather Noble prize, than to go and sell lies. This is a show and tell slide that could blow the world's (Chorus) May concern pt 2. What does it take to be the next? What does it take to be the next? But what does it take to be the best? My life isn't what they suggest. I come from 2 world's equally, the starving working class scenery, But pass academics the grass is always greenery A past chapter of scars that made my heart blacker. Cos we believe in the stars but not the dark matter. Equate, substitute, change up the route this, The same dude you gave nothing, I made something through. The E = mc squared up to get um, Because knowledge is power, that one over oppression, A street urchin of research until I preach works, Each verse absolute zero degree burns Attractions they face, see the planet laid waste, But my magnet's a lot more than in a Faraday cage. The Higgs to matter of gifted rappers, I live the passion, To split the atom to bits with a linguistic fashion, A Paul Dirac of multi syllable rap, I saw through the matrix, I was entrapped, that's why I'm never going back. What does it take to be the next What does is it take to be the next What does it take to be the best? The new wave shifting through the Doppler effect, This is the truth given Newton's, they will rise again, A 5%er the 99%, An A/V revolution through world Wide connects, Consensus through music at Art at CMS A first rate vet in the birth place of Web, thoughtful, Conditions we grew up in were awful, It's the rhyme immortal with a portal to new law form, Their gravity's been way to forceful. How am I there from what I've been through? I say 'it came from a friend of a friend, because that's what friends do'. In the end it depends on what you choose to take and learn, But only a few can make it work, that's to who it may concern...


ConCERNed is a 9 track contemporary rap album by London-based Consensus that dissects the particle physics research at CERN and tries to match the content to relatable stories and themes from everyday life.

Each track's writing styles and composition is carefully crafted in a way that it might better bring to life the feeling of otherwise lifeless and abstract topics. Can particle physics be described using rap music?

Primarily, the songs aim to raise awareness on both particle physic research at CERN and key social drivers we see in modern western society.

What is CERN?


released May 26, 2017

Mix/Master: CrossBone T

Music/production: Dana McKeon, Subkinetik, ShoxStar (Legionnaires) , Danny Howard, Dr Koul, Tiny Tim

CERN: Michael Hoch, Angelos Alexopoulos, Sudan Paramesvaran
Visuals/Graphics: Billy O'Brien, Kt Watson,Etienne "TETO" Bortoluzzi, Michael Hoch Adventureart

Special s/o: Stephen Preece, world Wide connects, Art at CMS, CERN, A/V Revolution


all rights reserved



Consensus London, UK

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